Wednesday, 3 February 2021

#Repost of @sustainabilitychampions Katy Ayers, a student at Central Community College in Columbus, Nebraska, has grown her own canoe using fungus that sprouts new mushrooms every time she takes it out on the water! πŸš£πŸ„⁣ ⁣ ❤️Like this post to support innovators who invent new ways of protecting and healing the planet. Follow @sustainabilitychampions for more positive updates! Named as "Myconoe", the mushroom-canoe took only 14 days to grow before it was dried in the Nebraska sun. The 8ft-long boat is made from fibrous mushroom roots, otherwise known as mycelium. The roots are usually found beneath soil and known for their dense, buoyant and waterproof properties. Katy believes that mushrooms are our biggest ally for helping the environment. ⁣In addition to their ability to break down harmful pollutants and chemicals, Ayers pointed out that mushrooms can be used for everything from household insulation to furniture to packaging, replacing plastics, Styrofoam and other materials that are hard to recycle and harmful to the environment. ⁣ Companies like Ikea and Dell have already started using mushroom-based packaging material. The successful 'mushroom' canoe has since inspired Ayers to experiment making chairs, landscaping bricks and other items. ⁣ Source: Dailymail UK ⁣ Do you know someone who is a Sustainability Champion? Share their story with us! DM us or send an email to⁣. Share the good news, Champions! πŸ‘‘