Monday, 26 April 2021

New Video Alert !!!! Tete A Tete @ Suvees Power Meet presents Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs Beneficiaries of DBDS !! Meet Manisha Magade who learnt many skills from DBDS . (Balancing her family life with running her Business) She runs a stall of making Sandwiches, Frankies and Momos at BPT Colony, Wadala Mumbai and is an Independent Woman Entrepreneur. Financially and Emotionally supported by DBDS fulfilling long cherished dreams and aspirations ! Don Bosco Development Society (DBDS) was founded in 2001 ! Its spearheaded by Father Rolvin D'Mello Executive Director and his team! Vocational Skills Training Skills Development Skills are held in Rural Communities for young and Adults to train them in different Vocational Skills. These Skills include Tailoring, Computers, Tally, Beautician, Mehendi, Candle making, Masala making ladoo making and so on. Many such women are involved in Micro Level business activities. It's an honor to have these women on my talkshow who from economically challenged backgrounds today are Independent entrepreneurs and are financially supporting their families ! Kudos and Salute DBDS ! To donate and support DBDS connect and follow them on Facebook @donboscodevelopmentsociety @rolvind'mello @suhanimendonsa Gratitude to Khushboo Bhavesh Chotaliya for the supporting this Initiative of Tete A Tete talk Series!